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  About The School  

Vision Statement

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     Chapmanville Regional High School envisions our students actively engaged in the learning  process, graduating with the skills needed to gain meaningful employment and becoming productive citizens in future society.

Philosophy Statement

     The education aims of Chapmanville Regional High School are conceived as being part of a life-long process which should prepare students to make contributions to our democratic society; and to pursue excellence in their public and private lives.
     We believe that the school has a responsibility to be aware of the needs of the community, to educate the students to become contributing members of society, and to help students develop attitudes and skills needed for a life in a world of rapidly increasing social, political and economic change.
     Because positive attitudes and values; and that they must be fostered by the administration, teachers, students and community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Chapmanville Regional High School is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum for all students in order to create productive citizens.