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Student Council

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2018-19 Student Council

Chapmanville Regional High School Student Council Handbook


1. Lead all meetings

2. Give assistance, guiding, and praise

3. Act as facilitator during discussion

4. Maintain frequent contact with faculty and administration

5. Participate in student council sponsored activities/events


Vice President:

1. Work closely with President

2. Assume President's duties when needed

3. Work with President and Treasurer in preparing calendar and budget

4. Assist the President in preparing meeting agendas



1. Oversee council expenses and revenues

2. Maintain an accurate and detailed financial record

3. Give monetary advice to the council

4. Authorize payment/ deposit

5. Work with President and Vice President in preparing calendar and budget



1. Holds on to all papers/ receipts

2. Writes up the itinerary for every meeting

3. In charge of taking notes


Public Relations Director:

1. Keeps student body informed of events, fundraisers and service projects

2. Obtain approval events

3. Responsible for communication between schools

4. Maintain all social media


Community Representative:

1. Works with the Public Relations on fundraiser ideas and service projects

2. Gets the class to participate in school and outside of school activities

3. In charge of reading all suggestion box notes and addressing them in meetings

4. Keeps track of all school activities



1. Strive for good citizenship.

2. Respect all individuals in the school and community.

3. Promote school harmony adn tolerance by all students at CRHS.

4. Encourage academic achievement and excellence.

5. Give all students practice in democracy action.



A student who wishes to be a candidate for the council shall:

1. Display positive character traits.

2. Be academically in good standing.

3. Display strong interpersonal qualities.

4. Express an interest in being a representative by completing an application.




1. Students must complete an application form to be eligible for election.

2. Review for the application will be made by the advisor and princpal to ensure qualifications are met.



Running for Office Qualifications

1. Must have at least 3.0 GPA.

2. Cannot fail 2 or more subjects.

3. Be a hard working student.

4. Relate well to others.

5. Can do after school activities on your own time.




1. Tardiest to meetings become excessive.

2. Failure to show up to more than 2 events.

3. Not participating in fundraisers.

4. If all council members vote you out of office for a good reason.

5. Making your own decisions without the council's approval .



Passing a Policy

1. Must come up with policies as a whole.

2. Vote on the policies as a whole unless it only pertains to a certain grade or grades.

3. Policies can only be passed or vetoed by the council and administration they work together to resolve issues.

4. If a policy gets vetoed it cannot be brought back up again and must be recorded by the Secretary and Community Representative.

5. Either a policy is passed or vetoed all information on the policy is to be posted on social media and council billboard.

6. Policies that have been passed in previous years unless the BOE changes them.



When Voting

1. The council consist of a total of 6 members per grade and all 6 members will be eligible to vote.

2. The vote will never become a tie because the president is not eligable to vote in his grade policies.

3. The president is only eligable to vote if the council as a whole votes which will consist of 24 members.

4. A tie could happen 12 to 12 but if so the president of the 12th grade will be eligible to choose what ever side they prefer to win.



Student Council Constitution

To the best of my ability, I will attend all meetings of the Student Council. I am willing to put in my duty as an officer & representative before my other social obligations. My parents or I could provide transportation for me to and from all after school functions. I will represent the will of the student body of Chapmanville Regional High School to the best of my ability. I will participate in   each fundraiser sponsored by the student council. I will carry out my duties and respnsibilities as a Student Council officer & representative. My conduct and citizenship will be an example to my fellow officers and classmates. I will keep my classmates informed of Student Council activities. I will enthusiastically encourage my student body to participate in all projects. I will be loyal to my school. I will set an example of school spirit and actively participate in projects sponsored by other organizations within our school.

Click here to read the student council rules.